Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sample Submissive/slave training contract

Training Contract


Absolute disclosure: You are expected to answer every question asked by Sir or Miss with absolute honest and disclosure. Omission will be considered tantamount to lying. Little white lies, exaggerations and half truths are also considered lying. Lying will not be permitted. Honesty is a necessary part of building a trusting, healthy relationship with your Mentors as it will be with your Dominant.

We do understand that some answers will change over time. That also is something to be honest about. If you thought you would enjoy something and you don't. Tell us. If you wanted something before and you no longer want it, tell us. If you have a concern or a question DO NOT simply not ask or not say anything. That is just as dishonest as if we had asked you if there was a problem and you lied.

If you are caught in a lie there will be discipline. This may include things such as corner time, a writing assignment, public apologies, extra chores etc...

We also agree to be absolutely honest with you in all areas however, as your mentors we do reserve the right not to answer a question if we feel it is not something you need to know at the time.

Discipline and Rewards:

There will NEVER be impact discipline for any offense. Activities such as spankings, floggings, canings etc..will only be received as rewards and as regular parts of your training. Discipline will be things like corner time, kneeling, soap or chilli powder on the tongue, writing assignments, public confessions (if necessary and only for accountability, NOT for humiliation) etc...

Training in and of itself is a reward. You have shown both the potential and intrinsic value to have earned the reward of being trained. However, there will be other rewards such as; regular praise for obedience, special treats for good behavior, public recognition, spankings and other BDSM type play (as time and opportunity allow)

Expect discipline if:

*you do not complete an assignments

*you do not pay attention to instruction which results in you completing an assignment incorrectly, not on time or not at all.

*you are disrespectful

*you are late (plan to be to training sessions early to avoid being delayed by unexpected errands or trains)

*you do not follow, or follow through on instructions

*you lie

*you play without disclosing who and when you are playing with BEFORE you play

There will be many opportunities for both discipline and reward. These things are meant, always, to lift you up, to help you grow, to encourage you and to help you. Not to humiliate or degrade you in any way.

Interests, Prospects and Play Time:

If you are interested in a Dominant or becoming play partners with someone OR someone is interested in you, they must go through MasterD and Miss Winter. Your Mentors are responsible for your well being and safety as well as ensuring that your training isn't adulterated by input from a less experienced source.

Training will include structured play time with other approved Dominants/Masters at your Mentors discretion. You will be consulted, but may not always agree. However you will NOT play with anyone for training purposes without one of both Sir and Miss present.

Training Duration and Collaring

Training is to be completed in 3 parts.

Part one will be 12 weeks and will focus on the basics of good behavior, personal health,obedience and ritual. Each week you will be required to meet with your mentors on your day off from 12-9pm. During that time you will follow protocol, learn specific life skills and advance your service experience. You will send a Fet message with you schedule to Miss when it comes out so that training can be planned and assignments set.

During the 12 weeks you will keep a journal in which you write every morning and every evening. You will note the date and time each time you write. Each morning you will write your “quote of the week”, your weekly affirmation and one thing you like about yourself. Each morning you will write 3 things you are grateful for, something you learned and 1 thing your Sir or Miss has done for you that day. These things will keep you in a positive state of mind and dispel the constant fears and insecurities that often plague a submissive's mind. You are free to write other things in your journal, however, you will turn your journal into Miss during your training sessions so you MUST have the morning and evening portions completed or there will be discipline.

There will be weekly research/writing assignments given every Monday. These assignments MUST be completed by Thursday morning at 10 am. Depending on the assignments there may be follow up questions from Sir or Miss. Your response will be expected ASAP however your work schedule will be taken into account.

Each training session will begin with a spanking. (unless children are present) You will come in, hang up your jacket or sweater in the hall closet, take down your hair (your hair will be worn loose in the house unless you are cooking at which point you may braid it back), hand your keys to Sir and your journal to Miss and assume the proper spanking position. You will receive 10 spanks from both Sir and Miss which you will count off out loud. After, you will hug and thank them each with a “Thank you Sir.” and “Thank you Miss”.

Special arrangements will be made when the children are present, however respect is always required.

Collars, respect and further training opportunities:

If the first section of training is completed successfully you will be taken on as a trainee under consideration by the House of Fire and Air (HFA) if all parties agree. This is a position of honor. The House is our heart and soul, our family. Everything about who we are is embodied in the training and beliefs of the House. You will be given a temporary collar that will ONLY be worn within the house or when out with Sir and Miss however and a full training collar will be awarded when/if you complete the first 26 weeks (6 months) of training with HFA successfully.

There will be an opportunity for further training at that time, however that will depend on the assessments and needs of all parties (you may be under consideration at that time with a Dominant and they must also agree to the values and requirements of the House for training to continue).

The ultimate reward will be your place as a sister in the House of Fire and Air. Your collar of protection under Master D and your right as equal to Miss Winter. There is no time limit or expectation on when this will occur. It will be determined by your actions, whether or not you have a Counterpart and their feelings/desires at that point as well as your Mentor's assessments.


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